• Men’s Fashion 2016: Latest Men’s Fashion Trends

    Not all men like to dress to impress, I’m sure you will all agree?

    I think a man’s dress sense often gives away his personality and his capabilities in life.

    In this article I wanted to look at the top men’s fashion trends in 2016, to help your man improve his overall appearance in the latter half of the year.

    At Work

    When you are at work, you want to dress to impress. Often this means having several premium men’s suits, dress shirts, slacks, and ties to work from. A suit exemplifies the working professional, and you have to have a suit that is tailored to your frame.

    When a man wears a tailored suit not only does he look neat, but he also looks like he takes the time to care about his professional appearance. If he takes the time to do this, then he will take the time to do his job right.

    Your suit and the cut of your suit will speak volumes to your clients, co-workers, and your boss. Getting a suit tailored may seem like a throwback to another time, but there is nothing worse than a good looking man in an ill-fitting suit.

    It just does not look right. Never underestimate the influence of a well-tailored suit. Also never underestimate the power of a nice pair of dress shoes. Make sure that your dress shoes complement your suit and do not stand out like a sore thumb. This too can make a huge difference on how you impact the people you work with.

    Relaxed Casual


    When you are ready to hang out there is nothing wrong with wearing a great pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt. Mind you; we are talking about a nice pair of jeans that sculpt your body well. Not all jeans are created equal, and not all jeans will fit a man the way they should.

    Find a pair jeans that accentuate your assets and detract from your problem areas. This can be done, but it will take a little work on your part. Men look at other men just as much as women do and if your jeans look dirty and unkempt, then that says a lot about your personal hygiene too.

    You do not want the world to think that you are unclean. A classic pair of jeans will always be in style no matter what the current fashion trends are.

    Night Out


    When you are going out on the town, you should look a little different than you do when you are hanging out with your boys. Jeans are still a good idea to wear, but you cannot just wear the everyday jeans you normally do.

    You should have several pairs of name brand, higher end jeans which will turn heads when you walk into the club or party. Go to a trendier store in your local mall and pick up a few button down shirts that are your style, but not too stuffy.

    You do not want them to be the same button downs you would wear to work. It is always a good idea to stay away from bold colors and patterns since this may detract from your overall appearance. And remember to take a nice contemporary blazer or short trench coat with you to help combat any bad weather.

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